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Dame Isobel. 1895–1983, British soprano
Historical Examples

All these matters, however, had been absorbed at length in baillie’s interest in Mr. Sharp’s mission.
The Life of John Milton, Volume 5 (of 7), 1654-1660 David Masson

baillie Pegram had all the pride of his lineage and his class.
The Master of Warlock George Cary Eggleston

The baillie promised pardon to Jallet on condition that he would take the cow back to Ciney.
Belgium George W. T. (George William Thomson) Omond

“O, read it for yourself,” baillie replied, handing him the sheet.
The Master of Warlock George Cary Eggleston

It means a long war and a terrible one, baillie, and you’ll have opportunity to do all the fighting you want before it is over.
The Master of Warlock George Cary Eggleston

When will you learn to understand women a little bit, baillie?
The Master of Warlock George Cary Eggleston

baillie Pegram was fond of fishing and shooting and riding to hounds.
The Master of Warlock George Cary Eggleston

“Tell me about yourself, old fellow,” said baillie, after a pause in the conversation.
The Master of Warlock George Cary Eggleston

Although Mrs. baillie was forty years of age when she married, she gave birth to five children.
Harper’s Magazine, Vol III, June 1851 Various

Not until it had made the turn in the road did baillie approach Agatha.
The Master of Warlock George Cary Eggleston


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