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a person who bakes.
a person who makes and sells bread, cake, etc.
a small portable oven.
(usually initial capital letter) a code word used in communications to represent the letter B.
Sir Benjamin, 1840–1907, English engineer.
George (“Father Divine”) 1877–1965, U.S. religious leader.
George Pierce, 1866–1935, U.S. critic, author, and professor of drama.
Howard H(enry), Jr. born 1925, U.S. politician: senator 1967–85.
Dame Janet, born 1933, English mezzo-soprano.
Josephine, 1906–75, French entertainer, born in the U.S.
Newton Diehl
[deel] /dil/ (Show IPA), 1871–1937, U.S. lawyer: Secretary of War 1916–21.
Ray Stannard
[stan-erd] /ˈstæn ərd/ (Show IPA), (“David Grayson”) 1870–1946, U.S. author.
Samuel White, 1821–93, English explorer and colonial administrator: discovered Lake Albert.
Mount, a mountain in NW Washington, in the Cascade Range: highest peak, 10,750 feet (3277 meters).
a town in central Louisiana.
Contemporary Examples

McBride then reportedly turned on the women, and grabbed baker violently.
Kai the Hatchet-Wielding Hitchhiker, Viral Star, Now an Alleged Killer Marlow Stern May 16, 2013

The bigger problem, however, is that while baker is looking at total income, that’s not how workers experience tax increases.
The Coming Retirement Burden Megan McArdle February 7, 2013

baker then follows with a sequence of proposals to remold markets in ways aimed at equalizing incomes.
David’s Book Club: What Are Liberals Thinking? David Frum July 12, 2012

Unanswered, in any news report I could find, is whether the baker’s union has been rescued as well.
The Twinkie is Dead! Long Live the Twinkie! Megan McArdle January 28, 2013

Nancy Reagan wanted Clark fired, and with the help of baker and Secretary of State George Schultz, Clark was out.
A New Documentary Assesses Nancy Reagan Eleanor Clift February 2, 2011

Historical Examples

“By George, I forgot the fact that the card had an address on it,” baker exclaimed.
The Film of Fear Arnold Fredericks

Old Trine stood behind the baker’s boy, and her big basket was at her feet.
Rico and Wiseli Johanna Spyri

They all returned, therefore, to baker’s Bay in no very good humor.
Astoria Washington Irving

Without John, Mrs. baker really didn’t know how to refuse me.
The Bacillus of Beauty Harriet Stark

I don’t intend going to see the girl at the baker’s shop any more.’
A Desperate Character and Other Stories Ivan Turgenev

a person whose business or employment is to make or sell bread, cakes, etc
a portable oven
(Irish, informal) on the baker’s list, in good health
Sir Benjamin. 1840–1907, British engineer who, with Sir John Fowler, designed and constructed much of the London underground railway, the Forth Railway Bridge, and the first Aswan Dam
Chet, full name Chesney H. Baker. 1929–88, US jazz trumpeter and singer
Dame Janet. born 1933, British mezzo-soprano
Sir Samuel White. 1821–93, British explorer: discovered Lake Albert (1864)

Old English bæcere “baker,” agent noun from bacan “to bake” (see bake (v.)). In the Middle Ages, the craft had two divisions, braun-bakeres and whit-bakeres.

White bakers shall bake no hors brede..broune bakers shall bake whete brede as it comyth grounde fro the mylle withoute ony bultyng of the same. Also the seid broune bakers shall bake hors brede of clene benys and pesyn, And also brede that is called housholdersbrede. [Letterbook in the City of London Records Office, Guildhall, 1441]

Baker’s dozen “thirteen” is from 1590s.

These dealers [hucksters] … on purchasing their bread from the bakers, were privileged by law to receive thirteen batches for twelve, and this would seem to have been the extent of their profits. Hence the expression, still in use, “A baker’s dozen.” [H.T. Riley, “Liber Albus,” 1859]


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