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Also called bakeshop
[beyk-shop] /ˈbeɪkˌʃɒp/ (Show IPA). a baker’s shop.
a place where baked goods are made.
Contemporary Examples

Israel worked in the bakery, got his GED, and took college courses, determined to make it outside prison walls.
Ex-Prisoners Say Life Term Is Cruel for Teens, As Case Hits High Court Sandra McElwaine March 18, 2012

There was this location in Dresden that was the front of the bakery, that was overwhelmingly beautiful.
The Look of ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ Andrew Romano March 6, 2014

He is a master baker, and last year opened a bakery at the Partners & Spade gallery in New York.
Will Cotton’s New Paintings of Katy Perry Isabel Wilkinson January 13, 2011

There is a pie that you can buy at a bakery in Paris, Texas that is named after me, and that I helped create.
How I Write: Manuel Gonzales Noah Charney February 18, 2014

Now, however, a bakery in Brooklyn Heights called B&B Empire is offering the real thing to bagel-deprived locals.
Aesthetic Perfection Blake Gopnik June 28, 2012

Historical Examples

De Mauleon walked towards the woman he spoke of—one of the long procession to the bakery—a child clinging to her robe.
The Parisians, Complete Edward Bulwer-Lytton

Some were picking up crumbs of bread which had been swept out from the bakery.
Winning His Way Charles Carleton Coffin

One day I chanced upon a sign hung above the doorway of a little German bakery over on the north side.
Dawn O’Hara, The Girl Who Laughed Edna Ferber

Two waifs adrift in a storm, peering into a bakery window at the cookies.
Erik Dorn Ben Hecht

One night a man whose name appeared on their books followed by a long record of charged loaves came reeling past the bakery.
Marching Men Sherwood Anderson

noun (pl) -eries
Also called bakehouse. a room or building equipped for baking
a shop in which bread, cakes, etc, are sold

c.1820, “place for making bread;” see bake (v.) + -ery. Replaced earlier bakehouse (c.1400). As “shop where baked goods are sold” it was noted as an Americanism by British travelers from c.1830.


Read Also:

  • Bake ware

    heat-resistant dishes, as of glass or pottery, in which food may be baked; ovenware.

  • Bakeware

    heat-resistant dishes, as of glass or pottery, in which food may be baked; ovenware.

  • Bakegoods

    baked goods, as bread, cakes, or pies.

  • Bake-meats

    pastry; pie. cooked food, especially a meat pie. baked provisions (Gen. 40:17), literally “works of the baker,” such as biscuits and cakes.

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