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a seaport in S Crimea, in the S Ukraine, on the Black Sea: scene of English cavalry charge against Russians (1854), celebrated in Tennyson’s poem Charge of the Light Brigade.
Historical Examples

All our efforts to find the pony being useless, I made up my mind to walk back to Balaklava.
Soyer’s Culinary Campaign Alexis Soyer

I forgot to mention the sleeping arrangements of the “Balaklava.”
Acadia Frederic S. Cozzens

Two days after, having travelled through forests and over mountains in order to avoid detection, I found myself at Balaklava.
Soyer’s Culinary Campaign Alexis Soyer

The sun was already risen when I came out on the deck of the “Balaklava;” but where was the sun?
Acadia Frederic S. Cozzens

I cannot, however, go to head-quarters till morning, as I have no pony at Balaklava.
Soyer’s Culinary Campaign Alexis Soyer

I took his counsel, and at noon next day we dropped anchor at Balaklava.
A Day’s Ride Charles James Lever

The event which this poem describes occurred at Balaklava in the Crimea, October 25th, 1854.
Elson Grammar School Literature, Book Four. William H. Elson

For the first two miles from Balaklava it was worked by a locomotive.
The Rise of Rail-Power in War and Conquest, 1833-1914 Edwin A. Pratt

The harbor of Balaklava was but ill-suited for the requirements of a large army.
Jack Archer G. A. Henty

Some gentlemen are with her now—Doctor Henderson and your Balaklava chaplain.
Soyer’s Culinary Campaign Alexis Soyer

a small port in Ukraine, in S Crimea: scene of an inconclusive battle (1854), which included the charge of the Light Brigade, during the Crimean War


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