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Balance sheet

a tabular statement of both sides of a set of accounts in which the debit and credit balances add up as equal.
a statement of the financial position of a business on a specified date.
Contemporary Examples

Brown-Forman, according to its most recent quarterly filings with the SEC, has $361.5 million in cash on its balance sheet.
Fiscal Cliff Fears Drive Huge Spike in Dividend Payouts Matthew Zeitlin November 27, 2012

Shuttering them allowed headquarters to make the balance sheet more efficient.
Romney Attacks Obama Over ‘Public’ Equity Job Slashing Daniel Stone May 28, 2012

The bank kept $9.7 billion worth of first mortgages on its balance sheet.
Wells Fargo Is America’s Best Bank Matthew Zeitlin January 10, 2013

When the Greek bonds got restructured, they suddenly had a big hole in their balance sheet.
Europe Is Full of Unique, Bad Situations Megan McArdle March 20, 2013

If women press the case for media parity together, they can change the balance sheet.
Do Women Need to Lean In to Be Experts on Network TV? Tara D. Sonenshine May 5, 2014

Historical Examples

But the asset side of our “mossback’s” yearly balance sheet always made the liability side ashamed of itself.
Skookum Chuck Fables Skookum Chuck (pseud for R.D. Cumming)

He will get up a balance sheet, and he will find that war does not pay.
Behind the Scenes in Warring Germany Edward Lyell Fox

The whole case of the operators, he seemed to think, could be shown by the books and the balance sheet.
The Survey, Volume XXX, Number 1, April 5, 1913 Various

Mr. Monroe, do you have at hand the balance sheet of last month?
Edith and John Franklin S. Farquhar

Our balance sheet showed our income to be down nearly 50 per cent., and although I had my salary reduced from 18s.
From Crow-Scaring to Westminster; an Autobiography George Edwards M.P., O.B.E.

a statement that shows the financial position of a business enterprise at a specified date by listing the asset balances and the claims on such assets

An orderly account of the assets of a company or individual and of the financial claims on those assets by others.


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