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Balancing act

a circus act in which a performer displays his or her balancing ability
a situation requiring careful balancing of opposing groups, views, or activities: a delicate balancing act between Greek and Turkish interests
Contemporary Examples

Like writing, kayaking is all a balancing act, a one-man show of force and skill.
3 Must Reads: ‘Kayak Morning,’ ‘Mr. g,’ and ‘Alex Gilvarry’ Hillary Kelly, Mythili Rao, Jacob Silverman February 7, 2012

Joyce C. Tang on the balancing act between morality tale and entertainment juggernaut.
Teen Mom Cover Girls Joyce C. Tang October 18, 2010

He considers the title a “balancing act,” one that “speaks to interns on their level, empowers them, and gives them a voice.”
Introducing Intern Magazine, Which Sparks Debate About Intern Culture Misty White Sidell July 29, 2013

The balancing act in politics is inspiring the base without alienating the center of the electorate.
Obama Shouldn’t Use Bush’s Reelect Strategy John Avlon October 22, 2011

His absence is the latest sign of the balancing act the Republican must perform on what remains an unsettled political landscape.
Scott Brown’s Hilarious Dance With the Tea Party Samuel P. Jacobs April 11, 2010

At his church, dealing with good and bad news has become a balancing act.
Can These Texas Churches Survive Ebola? Pete Freedman October 6, 2014

Realistic but Optimistic: President Obama has to strike a balancing act in terms of tone.
Obama’s Gameplan John Avlon February 23, 2009

Historical Examples

Why just sit around and act audience while I do the balancing act.
The Heart of Unaga Ridgwell Cullum

Answer: The traditional banks all over the world failed at maintaining the balancing act between risk and reward.
After the Rain Sam Vaknin


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