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Vasco Núñez de
[bahs-kaw noo-nyeth th e] /ˈbɑs kɔ ˈnu nyɛθ ðɛ/ (Show IPA), 1475?–1517, Spanish adventurer and explorer who discovered the Pacific Ocean in 1513.
a seaport in Panama at the Pacific terminus of the Panama Canal.
(lowercase) a silver coin and monetary unit of Panama, equal to 100 centesimos.
Contemporary Examples

She takes us back to the pivotal moments that earned a place in history for such trailblazers as Magellan and Balboa.
This Week’s Hot Reads Lizzie Crocker November 8, 2011

Historical Examples

Shipwreck would be disastrous to Balboa and his people as well as to the voyagers.
Days of the Discoverers L. Lamprey

Pedrarias was in some doubt as to how Balboa would receive him.
South American Fights and Fighters Cyrus Townsend Brady

He had presumed to make dishonorable overtures to Balboa’s Indian wife.
South American Fights and Fighters Cyrus Townsend Brady

Balboa was something of a dissembler himself on occasion, as you will see.
South American Fights and Fighters Cyrus Townsend Brady

When he appeared before Balboa he had with him six hundred pieces of gold, and pearls to the number of two hundred and forty.
Vasco Nuez de Balboa Frederick Albion Ober

Balboa’s enthusiasm and courage had surmounted every obstacle.
South American Fights and Fighters Cyrus Townsend Brady

Two permanent towns will be built at Balboa, one for the Americans and the other for the common laborers.
The Panama Canal Frederic Jennings Haskin

Next to Balboa, among the sixty-seven, was Francisco Pizarro.
South American Fights and Fighters Cyrus Townsend Brady

The Inca Yupangui informed Balboa that there were many tribes in the interior which had no idea of ghost or soul.
Religion and Lust James Weir

the standard currency unit of Panama, divided into 100 centesimos
Vasco Núñez de (ˈbasko ˈnuɲeθ de). ?1475–1519, Spanish explorer, who discovered the Pacific Ocean in 1513
a port in Panama at the Pacific end of the Panama Canal: the administrative centre of the former Canal Zone. Pop: 2750 (1990)


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