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a person who is bald.
one of a breed of domestic pigeons.
Historical Examples

We must be careful, though, and not let old baldhead and the others know anything about it.
The Hero of Garside School J. Harwood Panting

A baldhead whose dome glinted bright gold in the dusk knotted his hands together in an anguish of indecision.
Starman’s Quest Robert Silverberg

Our wives and mothers thought that we were at a mission church, listening to a sermon by the Rev. baldhead Birch.
Droll Stories of Isthmian Life Evelyn Saxton

Over will go the basket, and down will come the pretty feathers over baldhead.
The Hero of Garside School J. Harwood Panting

Fifty yellin’ lunatics was on hand to give it to us; the other two hundred was joyfully mutilatin’ the baldhead.
The Depot Master Joseph C. Lincoln

a person with a bald head


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