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a bald person (sometimes used as a facetious term of address).
Contemporary Examples

His friends were safely known by the Polish versions of Toothy, Hoppy, Conky, baldy, Whitey, Carrot Top and Chopper.
The Week in Death: Irving Milchberg, the Teenage Gunrunner of the Warsaw Ghetto The Telegraph February 28, 2014

Historical Examples

“Yeah, watch—” baldy coughed, laid his big head slowly down face forward on the ComWeb stand, and stopping moving.
Lion Loose James H. Schmitz

“It’s likely the Indians are getting ready to make their ‘medicine,'” said baldy.
The Moving Picture Girls at Rocky Ranch Laura Lee Hope

The squatter wanted to know what had become of his missing sheep, but baldy could give no account of them.
The Book of the Bush George Dunderdale

“I’ll talk to you,” said baldy, and then he lapsed into the Indian dialect.
The Moving Picture Girls at Rocky Ranch Laura Lee Hope

Now that has come to pass of which I had a premonition the first time I sat on the top of old baldy and hugged my knees.
A Maid of the Kentucky Hills Edwin Carlile Litsey

“Now don’t you go to worrying, little girl,” said baldy, quickly.
The Moving Picture Girls at Rocky Ranch Laura Lee Hope

You go and ask baldy, and if he doesnt tell you the same thing Ill eat my hat.
Weatherby’s Inning Ralph Henry Barbour

baldy went on down the cañon, keeping the keenest lookout for his enemy.
The Biography of a Grizzly Ernest Thompson Seton

baldy’s long stride told, and he gained steadily, but the race was not yet over.
Cattle-Ranch to College Russell Doubleday

noun (pl) baldies
a bald person

“bald-headed person,” 1850, from bald + -y (3).


A bald man (mid-1800s+)
A worn automobile tire (1970+)


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