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John de, 1249–1315, king of Scotland 1292–96.
Historical Examples

Baliol was taken prisoner to England, and confined in the tower.
The Every Day Book of History and Chronology Joel Munsell

Wood nowhere states that he “matriculated at Baliol in 1582.”
Notes and Queries, Vol. IV, Number 92, August 2, 1851 Various

At first Baliol was successful, and was crowned at Scone, but he was presently defeated and driven out of Scotland.
Saint George for England G. A. Henty

Baliol was forced by the indignation of the Scottish people into war with England.
The New Gresham Encyclopedia Various

The University began to consider him one of her first champions, and he was soon promoted to the mastership of Baliol College.
Fox’s Book of Martyrs John Foxe

Baliol had the Tower of London lent him for a residence, with permission to range about within a circle of twenty miles.
A Child’s History of England Charles Dickens

It is needless to add, that the pursuit was checked, and Baliol escaped.
Red Gauntlet Sir Walter Scott

Having thus gained time for the furtherance of his ambitious view, he pronounced sentence in favour of Baliol.
Ruins and Old Trees, Associated with Memorable Events in English History Mary Roberts

Baliol soon after made himself master of Perth; but still was not able to bring over any of the Scots to his party.
The History of England in Three Volumes, Vol.I., Part B. David Hume

They were already territorial magnates at the time when Bruce and Baliol were competitors for the crown.
The New Gresham Encyclopedia Various

Edward. ?1283–1364, king of Scotland (1332, 1333–56)
his father, John. 1249–1315, king of Scotland (1292–96): defeated and imprisoned by Edward I of England (1296)


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