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pertaining to the Balkan States or their inhabitants.
pertaining to the Balkan Peninsula.
pertaining to the Balkan Mountains.
the Balkans. Balkan States.
the countries in the Balkan Peninsula: Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Greece, and the European part of Turkey.
Contemporary Examples

Before 9/11, America had saved Muslims in the balkans from Christianist fanatics.
Some Righteous Truth from Sullivan Justin Green May 23, 2013

When the U.S. did intervene militarily, such as in the balkans, air power was the only real approach considered palatable.
Black Hawk Down’s Long Shadow Daniel Klaidman October 8, 2013

But it was not an easy task for the man famed for nearly singlehandedly bringing peace to the balkans.
Richard Holbrooke’s Last Mission in Afghanistan by David Rohde David Rohde November 25, 2011

Krauthammer called Clinton naive for expending blood and treasure to protect human rights and self-determination in the balkans.
‘Neoconservative’ Needs to Be Retired. Why Not Try ‘Imperialist’? Peter Beinart June 4, 2013

Greek grill masters use ground lamb instead of beef, as do those in the balkans, Asia Minor, the Middle East, and Central Asia.
The Humble Burger Goes Glam Katie Workman June 29, 2009

Historical Examples

These interests, he was convinced, were more vitally affected in Central Asia than in the balkans.
Victorian Worthies George Henry Blore

Remind me of the people who live about the foothills of the balkans.
The Underdog F. Hopkinson Smith

It had served, too, to restore German prestige in the balkans.
The Story of the Great War, Volume I (of 8) Various

From the heights of the lower balkans—as at Sopot—we could see the horizon red.
The Making Of A Novelist David Christie Murray

My son Winn’s been talking about the balkans lately—kind of thing the army’s always getting gas off about!
The Dark Tower Phyllis Bottome

of, denoting, or relating to the Balkan States or their inhabitants, the Balkan Peninsula, or the Balkan Mountains
plural noun
the countries of the Balkan Peninsula: the former Yugoslavian Republics, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Greece, and the European part of Turkey Also called the Balkans

probably from Turkic balkan “mountain.”

Major mountain range of the Balkan Peninsula, extending from the eastern portion of the former Yugoslavia through central Bulgaria to the Black Sea.


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