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Ball control

a team’s ability to maintain possession of the ball on offense.


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  • Ball foot

    a ball-like turned foot, used especially in the 16th and 17th centuries. Historical Examples The bow-legged chair, often with claw and ball foot, came into use in the beginning of the eighteenth century. Customs and Fashions in Old New England Alice Morse Earle There were also several variations on the claw and ball foot. Furnishing […]

  • Ball fern

    a feathery fern, Davallia trichomanoides, of Malaysia, having rhizomes covered with toothed scales.

  • Ballflower

    a medieval English ornament suggesting a flower of three or four petals enclosing and partly concealing a ball. noun (architect) a carved ornament in the form of a ball enclosed by the three petals of a circular flower

  • Ball game

    any game played with a ball, especially baseball or softball. Informal. a situation and all its attendant circumstances: Having a new administration in power changes the entire ball game at city hall. Compare new ball game. Archaeology. a ceremonial game of both ritual and sporting significance, played by teams on a ball court in Mesoamerican […]

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