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[jah-kaw-maw] /ˈdʒɑ kɔ mɔ/ (Show IPA), 1871?–1958, Italian painter.
Historical Examples

The boys became soldiers, and drilled punctiliously with guns which they got Uncle Balla to make for them.
Two Little Confederates Thomas Nelson Page

“Nor, he’s dead-drunk,” said Balla, picking up an empty flask.
Two Little Confederates Thomas Nelson Page

Old Balla was quite accustomed to their games and fun—their “pranks,” as he called them.
Two Little Confederates Thomas Nelson Page

“Unc’ Balla, you got to give me every chicken you got, ’cause you said you would,” said Willy.
Two Little Confederates Thomas Nelson Page

But both Balla and Frank were laughing at him, so he felt very shamefaced.
Two Little Confederates Thomas Nelson Page

Balla, I want you to know that if you wish to go, you can do so.
Two Little Confederates Thomas Nelson Page

It stands on the extreme points of a range of hills, which slope upwards and command the north-east angle of the Balla Hissar.
Our Soldiers W.H.G. Kingston

“Alcluith” is the “Balclutha” of Ossian; Balla signifying a wall or bulwark, from the Latin vallum, a wall.
The Genius of Scotland Robert Turnbull

We then marched in triumphant pomp to the Balla Hissar of Peshawur.
History of the War in Afghanistan, Vol. I (of 3) Sir John William Kaye

He thought Frank had been dreaming, or that it was only Uncle Balla, or “some one” moving about the yard.
Two Little Confederates Thomas Nelson Page


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