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a city in S Victoria, in SE Australia.
Historical Examples

Let us make believe we are at the camp at Ballarat again; my dinner is nearly ready.’
Nevermore Rolf Boldrewood

After thoroughly doing Ballarat, I set out on my return to Majorca.
A Boy’s Voyage Round the World The Son of Samuel Smiles

In each case I stipulated that the flour should remain in store one week, until I could get teams to cart it to Ballarat.
The Gold Hunter’s Adventures William H. Thomes

It is older than Ballarat, which previous to the discovery of the gold there in 1851 did not exist.
Six Letters From the Colonies Robert Seaton

Here the minor peculiarities of a goldfield, somewhat shaded off in the civilisation of Ballarat, commenced to present themselves.
Nevermore Rolf Boldrewood

From Ballarat I went to Adelaide, but that must be the subject of another letter.
Six Letters From the Colonies Robert Seaton

They found there a mining region resembling Ballarat in its general features, but not in all of them.
The Land of the Kangaroo Thomas Wallace Knox

But, despite this auspicious start, all was not set fair at Ballarat.
The Magnificent Montez Horace Wyndham

I heard as Ballarat Harry at Omeo was that like him you couldn’t scarce tell ’em apart.
Nevermore Rolf Boldrewood

We had this kind of scenery, finely staged, all the way to Ballarat.
Following the Equator, Complete Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens)

a town in SE Australia, in S central Victoria: originally the centre of a gold-mining region. Pop: 72 999 (2001) See also Eureka Stockade


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