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Ballet master

a man who trains a ballet company.
Historical Examples

The groomsmen, carefully chosen to match, stepped as though trained by a ballet master.
The Works of Guy de Maupassant, Vol. 6 Guy de Maupassant

He went to Turin as ballet master and met Somis, who induced him to take up the violin and apply himself to serious study.
Famous Violinists of To-day and Yesterday Henry C. Lahee

This gave rise therefore to many bickerings with the ballet master, until at length I learned compliance.
Louis Spohr’s Autobiography Louis Spohr

It is true that I refrained at the time from telling Nijinsky what I thought of his efforts as a ballet master.
An Autobiography Igor Stravinsky

I will engage you as ballet master and character actor and offer you a hundred soldi a month.
Such is Life Frank Wedekind


a teacher who directs, trains, and choreographs dance at a ballet company


Read Also:

  • Ballet mistress

    a woman who trains a ballet company.

  • Ballet slipper

    a heelless cloth or leather slipper worn by ballet dancers. a woman’s shoe similar in form.

  • Ballet suite

    music written for a ballet but suitable or arranged for performance in an orchestral concert.

  • Ballet-wrap cardigan

    noun a cardigan with wrapover fronts which are fastened with wraparound ties

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