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Ballistic camera

a camera for tracking missiles launched at night.


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  • Ballistic galvanometer

    a galvanometer used to measure the quantity of electricity in a current of short duration. Historical Examples Between the magnetizing coils is a small induction coil D, which is connected with a ballistic galvanometer. Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 17, Slice 3 Various noun (physics) a type of galvanometer for measuring surges of current. After […]

  • Ballistic missile

    any missile that, after being launched and possibly guided during takeoff, travels unpowered in a ballistic trajectory. Contemporary Examples Russia is also working on new a fleet of ballistic missile submarines, attack submarines to operate under the ice caps. Russia Preps Its North Pole Invasion Dave Majumdar November 7, 2014 noun a missile that has […]

  • Ballistic pendulum

    a device consisting of a large mass hung from a horizontal bar by two rods, used to measure the velocity of an object, as a bullet, by retaining the object upon impact, its velocity being a function of the displacement of the mass. Historical Examples This cannon is a duplicate of the one used for […]

  • Ballistic trajectory

    the path of an unpowered object, as a missile, moving only under the influence of gravity and possibly atmospheric friction and with its surface providing no significant lift to alter the course of flight.

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