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of or relating to ballistics.
having its motion determined or describable by the laws of exterior ballistics.
go ballistic, Informal. to become overwrought or irrational:
went ballistic over the idea of a tax hike.
Historical Examples

Rearmament of our Cavalry with a 6-millimetre carbine, ballistically equal in all respects to the rifle of the Infantry.
Cavalry in Future Wars Frederick von Bernhardi.

There is a higher velocity and everything about the cartridge is better than the .38 S&W, ballistically.
Warren Commission (3 of 26): Hearings Vol. III (of 15) The President’s Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy

of or relating to ballistics
denoting or relating to the flight of projectiles after power has been cut off, moving under their own momentum and the external forces of gravity and air resistance
(of a measurement or measuring instrument) depending on a brief impulse or current that causes a movement related to the quantity to be measured: a ballistic pendulum
(informal) go ballistic, to become enraged or frenziedly violent
(of materials) strong enough to resist damage by projectile weapons: ballistic nylon

1775, “pertaining to thrown objects,” ultimately from Greek ballein “to throw” (see ballistics). Of rockets or missiles (ones that are guided while under propulsion, but fall freely), from 1949. Ballistic missile first attested 1954; they attain extreme heights, hence figurative expression go ballistic (1981) “become irrationally angry.”
see: go ballistic


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