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a person who ascends in a balloon, especially as a sport or hobby.
Historical Examples

The balloonist was Mr. John Sharp and he was rescued by Tom in a thrilling fashion.
Tom Swift and his Electric Runabout Victor Appleton

“I guess that will show up every pebble in the road,” commented the balloonist.
Tom Swift and his Electric Runabout Victor Appleton

Like a shot he came down, holding his body rigid and straight as a stick, for he knew how to fall into water, did that balloonist.
Tom Swift and his Motor-boat Victor Appleton

“I’ve got it, sir,” responded the balloonist, with triumphant emphasis.
The Harmsworth Magazine, v. 1, 1898-1899, No. 2 Various

After I started in to be a balloonist I never saw my mother for seven years.
Careers of Danger and Daring Cleveland Moffett

“Don’t worry about me, Tom,” said the balloonist, who overheard him.
Tom Swift and his Airship Victor Appleton

They began a study of Mr. Sharp’s plans, and the balloonist was now in a fair way to have the difficulty solved.
Tom Swift and his Airship Victor Appleton

To say that the balloonist was astonished is putting it mildly.
Tom Swift and his Airship Victor Appleton

“All clear,” replied the balloonist, for the airship had now been wheeled back from the entanglement with the chimney.
Tom Swift and his Electric Runabout Victor Appleton

“That doesn’t seem to be a thunder storm,” spoke the balloonist, with a puzzled air.
Tom Swift and his Airship Victor Appleton


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