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Pierre (Alexandre)
[pyer a-lek-sahn-druh] /pyɛr a lɛkˈsɑ̃ drə/ (Show IPA), 1914–82, French fashion designer.
Contemporary Examples

There were no Balmain buckles, no Alexander Wang-style cutout dresses, not even a one-shoulder number by Obama favorite Jason Wu.
The White House Goes Glam Rebecca Dana November 23, 2009

Goofy has shed his passé pants and turtleneck for a sleek military jacket and combat boots by Balmain.
Disney Characters Are Slimmed Down For Barneys and Harrods Holiday Campaigns Misty White Sidell November 5, 2012

Designer Christophe Decarnin is parting ways with Balmain, the famed fashion house announced on Wednesday morning.
Christophe Decarnin Leaves Balmain Isabel Wilkinson April 5, 2011

Their new Balmain campaign isn’t just extremely off-putting and incredibly up-close; it’s also a serious sartorial achievement.
Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s Balmain Campaign: High Fashion Meets Low Culture Amy Zimmerman December 22, 2014

Balmain’s jeans and T-shirts reeked of the most grotesque prestige pricing.
Balmain’s Big Rip-Off Robin Givhan April 5, 2011

According to Balmain’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection, the Eighties are back and better than ever.
Balmain Says ‘Relax’ Erin Cunningham September 25, 2013

But Balmain took that marketing psychology to an uncomfortable extreme.
Balmain’s Big Rip-Off Robin Givhan April 5, 2011

Historical Examples

All, or at all events most, of our readers have seen Balmain’s luminous paint.
Colour Measurement and Mixture W. de W. Abney

They obtained a vigorous effect from Balmain’s luminous paint, but when this was mixed in gelatin there was no external effect.
The Birth-Time of the World and Other Scientific Essays J. (John) Joly

Obtain some Balmain’s luminous paint, and coat a piece of cardboard with it.
Photographic Amusements, Ninth Edition Walter E. Woodbury and Frank R. Fraprie

Pierre Alexandre (pjɛr alɛksɑ̃drə). 1914–82, French couturier


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