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the lightness and grace of movement that make a dancer appear buoyant.
Contemporary Examples

Theon Greyjoy (Alfie Allen), the heir of Lord balon Greyjoy and longtime hostage of House Stark, is a troubled young fella.
Game of Thrones’ 8 Most WTF Scenes: Twincest Rape, Shadow Baby, George W. Bush’s Head, and More Marlow Stern April 25, 2014

They ended up going with MSM (a dietary supplement for your joints), which balon crushed and bagged.
13 Movie Tricks…Revealed! Marlow Stern October 30, 2010

“To this day, the visual of this still makes me laugh,” said balon.
13 Movie Tricks…Revealed! Marlow Stern October 30, 2010


“smoothness in dancing, lightness of step,” 1830, from French ballon, literally “balloon” (see balloon (n.)).


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