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Balsamic vinaigrette


an oil-based dressing made with balsamic vinegar, a dark sweet liquid aged in wooden barrels
Word Origin

from ‘balsam’ in the sense of an aromatic resinous substance
Usage Note



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  • Balsamic vinegar

    a sweetish, aromatic vinegar made from the must of white grapes and aged in wood barrels. Contemporary Examples But the manager says turnover is high and that he sells out of even such pricey items as Pringles, Nescafe, and balsamic vinegar. Life After the Bombs Judith Miller October 15, 2009 Gaby Dalkin takes out her […]

  • Balsamiferous

    yielding balsam. adjective yielding or producing balsam

  • Balsaminaceous

    belonging to the plant family Balsaminaceae. adjective of, relating to, or belonging to the Balsaminaceae, a family of flowering plants, including balsam and touch-me-not, that have irregular flowers and explosive capsules

  • Balsas

    Río, Río Balsas. a tropical American tree, Ochroma pyramidale (lagopus), of the bombax family, yielding an exceedingly light wood used for life preservers, rafts, toy airplanes, etc. a raft made of balsa wood. any life raft. Historical Examples The Parnahyba forms the eastern boundary of Maranho, but it has one large tributary, the Balsas, entirely […]

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