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Baltic shield

Also called Scandinavian Shield.. the wide area of ancient rock in Scandinavia See shield (sense 7)


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    Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and sometimes Finland. plural noun the republics of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, which became constituent republics of the former Soviet Union in 1940, regaining their independence in 1991 Sometimes shortened to the Baltics

  • Baltics

    of, near, or on the Baltic Sea. of or relating to the Baltic States. of or relating to a group of languages, as Latvian, Lithuanian, and Old Prussian, that constitute a branch of the Indo-European family. the Baltic branch of the Indo-European family of languages. Contemporary Examples A stint in the baltics, where he learned […]

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    a batted ball that takes a high bounce upon hitting the ground on or immediately in front of home plate, often enabling the batter to reach first base safely. noun phrase A batted baseball that hits the plate or close in front of the plate and bounces high in the air (Late 1890s+)

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