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  • Balto-slavonic

    noun a hypothetical subfamily of Indo-European languages consisting of Baltic and Slavonic. It is now generally believed that similarities between them result from geographical proximity rather than any special relationship

  • Baluch

    Baluchi. Contemporary Examples They were multilingual, fluent in Arabic, Urdu, Baluch, and English, and moved easily through a globalizing world. 9/11 Mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Finally on Trial at Guantanamo Terry McDermott May 3, 2012 Around half the Baluch in the province are unemployed, a result, say rights groups, of longstanding marginalization by Tehran. The […]

  • Baluchi

    a member of a nomadic, primarily Sunni Muslim people of Baluchistan. the language of the Baluchi, an Iranian language of the Indo-European family. Contemporary Examples The group puts out most of its statements—on its Twitter feed, or its numerous websites—in Arabic, as opposed to Baluchi or Farsi. The Dangerous Drug-Funded Secret War Between Iran and […]

  • Baluchistan

    an arid mountainous region in S Asia, in SE Iran and SW Pakistan, bordering on the Arabian Sea. a former territory of W British India, now incorporated into Pakistan. Contemporary Examples Indeed, more than 55,000 Pakistani troops are in Baluchistan waging a war of their own. The Dangerous Drug-Funded Secret War Between Iran and Pakistan […]

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