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a small child or baby.
an image of the infant Jesus.
Historical Examples

A few days before that appointed for the marriage, bambino entered his master’s private room, while he was at breakfast.
Jack Harkaway in New York Bracebridge Hemyng

The bambino, to express his agony, was grinning from ear to ear.
Little Novels of Italy Maurice Henry Hewlett

Si, signorina—my chauffeur he like me very much—I must think of my bambino when I strike!
The Fall of a Nation Thomas Dixon

He declared that the bambino was a masterpiece, a pure Corregio.
The Madonna of the Future Henry James

They hold their bambino wrapped in swaddling clothes between them.
Brick and Marble in the Middle Ages George Edmund Street

That night bambino was on his way to Liverpool, from which port the steamer started.
Jack Harkaway in New York Bracebridge Hemyng

Even bambino, wretch that he was, had known what it was to love, and he sighed for her misery.
Jack Harkaway in New York Bracebridge Hemyng

As he spoke, bambino drew a long knife and made a thrust with it at Harkaway.
Jack Harkaway in New York Bracebridge Hemyng

There were countless gaudy prints of saints, and exactly five pictures of the bambino, very big, and sprawling in a field alone.
New Italian sketches John Addington Symonds

bambino pointed to Harkaway, who was only a few yards ahead.
Jack Harkaway in New York Bracebridge Hemyng

noun (pl) -nos, -ni (-niː)
(informal) a young child, esp an Italian one
a representation of the infant Jesus

“little child,” 1761, from Italian bambino, “baby,” a diminutive of bambo “simple” (cf. Latin bambalio “dolt,” Greek bambainein “to stammer”). In U.S. baseball lore, a nickname of George Herman “Babe” Ruth Jr. (1895-1948).


A baby or young child
A ruffian; an intimidating man; gorilla, torpedo •In the mid1800s babe, ”rowdy, blackguard,” is attested; the identification of infant and goon is durable

[1920s+; fr Italian, ”baby,” literally ”silly little one”]


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