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a style of Mexican dance music featuring brass instruments and having a heavy beat.
Hastings Kamuzu [kah-moo-zoo] /kɑˈmu zu/ (Show IPA), 1906–97, Malawi physician, political leader, and public official: 1st president of Malawi 1966–94.
Contemporary Examples

She would soon become known as the “Diva of banda” and the “Queen of banda.”
Jenni Rivera, Mexico’s Queen of Banda, Dies in Plane Crash Nina Strochlic December 9, 2012

Historical Examples

“Yes, Aszszony,” Marushka said obediently, and she and banda were very quiet.
Our Little Hungarian Cousin Mary F. Nixon-Roulet

Next morning we started back to banda, taking the corpse with us for burial.
Real Ghost Stories William T. Stead

That in the banda went out too, and the Colonel, who owned a tent, followed its example.
Cupid in Africa P. C. Wren

The animal productions of banda, though very few, are interesting.
The Malay Archipelago Alfred Russell Wallace

These Mahometans are said to have been driven out of banda by the early European settlers.
The Malay Archipelago Alfred Russell Wallace

In 1680 a more serious danger threatened the banda Oriental.
Uruguay W. H. Koebel

The nuts are eaten by the large pigeons of banda, which digest the mace, but cast up the nut with its seed uninjured.
The Malay Archipelago Alfred Russell Wallace

I got some beautiful polished pebbles from banda and Nerbudda.
Up the Country Emily Eden

Wortley fired at the leading elephant, which had passed under banda’s feet, just as he was crossing the brook on our left.
The Rifle and The Hound in Ceylon Samuel White Baker

Hastings Kamuzu (kæˈmuːzuː). 1906–97, Malawi statesman. As first prime minister of Nyasaland (from 1963), he led his country to independence (1964) as Malawi: president (1966–94)


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