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a large, printed handkerchief, typically one with white spots or figures on a red or blue background.
any large scarf for the neck or head.
Contemporary Examples

Furry puts the bandanna in his pocket and moves on, walking behind the cart.
Stanley Booth on the Life and Hard Times of Blues Genius Furry Lewis Stanley Booth June 6, 2014

Some reviewers gave her flak for relying a bit too heavily on her cue cards in this one, but at least she rocked the bandanna.
Lindsay Lohan on ‘Saturday Night Live’ Videos: How’d She Do? The Daily Beast Video March 3, 2012

Historical Examples

The resolution formed, he removed his hands from his face, and dried his tears on a bandanna handkerchief.
Belford’s Magazine, Vol 2, December 1888 Various

And after a while down the path the red and yellow of Mammy Easter’s bandanna was seen.
The Crisis, Complete Winston Churchill

Nat was called on to exhibit the bandanna handkerchief and did so.
Dave Porter and the Runaways Edward Stratemeyer

Yuma drew a bandanna from his pocket, then paused as he looked again at Penny.
The Lone Ranger Rides Fran Striker

In the glare of the lighted street car, they saw a rim of red hair peeping under the bandanna when the woman approached.
Joan of the Journal Helen Diehl Olds

Yes, I left my own Josiah behind me, with his bandanna pressed to his eyes.
Around the World with Josiah Allen’s Wife Marietta Holley

The latter, unconfined by her bandanna handkerchief as she generally wore it, standing off from her head in masses, like snow.
Aunt Phillis’s Cabin Mary H. Eastman

In the compartment was something wrapped in a 293 bandanna handkerchief.
Dave Porter on Cave Island Edward Stratemeyer

a large silk or cotton handkerchief or neckerchief


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