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Banded purple

See under purple (def 7).
any color having components of both red and blue, such as lavender, especially one deep in tone.
cloth or clothing of this hue, especially as formerly worn distinctively by persons of imperial, royal, or other high rank.
the rank or office of a cardinal.
the office of a bishop.
imperial, regal, or princely rank or position.
deep red; crimson.
any of several nymphalid butterflies, as Basilarchia astyanax (red-spotted purple) having blackish wings spotted with red, or Basilarchia arthemis (banded purple or white admiral) having brown wings banded with white.
of the color purple.
imperial, regal, or princely.
brilliant or showy.
full of exaggerated literary devices and effects; marked by excessively ornate rhetoric:
a purple passage in a novel.
profane or shocking, as language.
to make or become purple.
born in / to the purple, of royal or exalted birth:
Those born to the purple are destined to live in the public eye.
Historical Examples

Its range overlaps that of the banded purple for about one degree but it is seldom found north of latitude 42 degrees.
Butterflies Worth Knowing Clarence M. Weed

None of our common butterflies shows more striking color markings than the banded purple.
Butterflies Worth Knowing Clarence M. Weed

any of various colours with a hue lying between red and blue and often highly saturated; a nonspectral colour
a dye or pigment producing such a colour
cloth of this colour, often used to symbolize royalty or nobility
the purple, high rank; nobility

the official robe of a cardinal
the rank, office, or authority of a cardinal as signified by this

the purple, bishops collectively
of the colour purple
(of writing) excessively elaborate or full of imagery: purple prose
noble or royal
n., adj.

Old English purpul, dissimilation (first recorded in Northumbrian, in Lindisfarne gospel) of purpure “purple dye, a purple garment,” purpuren (adj.) “purple,” a borrowing by 9c. from Latin purpura “purple color, purple-dyed cloak, purple dye,” also “shellfish from which purple was made,” and “splendid attire generally,” from Greek porphyra “purple dye, purple” (cf. porphyry), of uncertain origin, perhaps Semitic, originally the name for the shellfish (murex) from which it was obtained. Purpur continued as a parallel form until 15c., and through 19c. in heraldry. As a color name, attested from early 15c. Tyrian purple, produced around Tyre, was prized as dye for royal garments.

Also the color of mourning or penitence (especially in royalty or clergy). Rhetorical for “splendid, gaudy” (of prose) from 1590s. Purple Heart, U.S. decoration for service members wounded in combat, instituted 1932; originally a cloth decoration begun by George Washington in 1782. Hendrix’ Purple Haze (1967) is slang for “LSD.”

c.1400, from purple (n.). Related: Purpled; purpling.


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