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an imaginary wild animal of fierce disposition.
a person of uncouth or unconventional habits, attitudes, etc., especially one considered a menace, nuisance, or the like.
Historical Examples

We expected to see a bandersnatch every minute, didn’t we, Noël?
Oswald Bastable and Others Edith Nesbit

After all, I need a bandersnatch, dont I, to keep me straight?
The Confounding of Camelia Anne Douglas Sedgwick

I am sure you look like a bandersnatch; a biting, snarling creature.
The Confounding of Camelia Anne Douglas Sedgwick

There might be things in the Devan Forest worse than a bandersnatch.
Insidekick Jesse Franklin Bone

Any number of natives with knives were preferable to a bandersnatch.
Insidekick Jesse Franklin Bone

It had been a lucky day when he had fallen in running from the bandersnatch.
Insidekick Jesse Franklin Bone

The landscape was empty of animate life except for the odorous carcass of the bandersnatch lying beside him.
Insidekick Jesse Franklin Bone

“There may be a bandersnatch,” he said doubtfully, dusting the ground with his palmetto fan.
The Firing Line Robert W. Chambers

Or maybe it was the shock of that meeting with the bandersnatch.
Insidekick Jesse Franklin Bone

And bandersnatch if you will, said Perior, shaking her gently by the shoulders, and putting her away with a certain resignation.
The Confounding of Camelia Anne Douglas Sedgwick


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