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the conductor of a military band, circus band, etc.
Historical Examples

The brass band, being placed in a circle with the bandmaster in the centre, commenced performing music which was rather mixed.
The Mapleson Memoirs, vol II James H. Mapleson

The bandmaster was always ready to help us in every way possible.
A Soldier’s Life Edwin G. Rundle

It must have been some other bandmaster—not Captain Stanley.
Special Messenger Robert W. Chambers

No, these two—the bandmaster, the fellow who’s taking these women about and our Schomberg.
Victory Joseph Conrad

I have not been to the bandmaster, Lachner, yet, as I have not room enough to receive return visits.
Frederic Chopin, v. 1 (of 2) Moritz Karasowski

Maar, bandmaster at Breslau, gave him his first instruction in counterpoint.
Frederic Chopin, v. 1 (of 2) Moritz Karasowski

“I think that you should ask your sister first,” suggested the bandmaster.
Special Messenger Robert W. Chambers

The bandmaster, with his back to the gathering, seemed rather agitated.
Pincher Martin, O.D. H. Taprell Dorling

All the ladies of the town were there on the platform, and, in his turn, the bandmaster from the village of Mourmillon came up.
Maupassant Original Short Stories (180), Complete Guy de Maupassant

The old girl borrowed a bassoon from the bandmaster of the Rifle Regiment.
Bleak House Charles Dickens

the conductor of a band


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