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a platform, often roofed, for outdoor band performances.
a raised platform in a nightclub, restaurant, etc., used by the members of a band or orchestra while performing.
Contemporary Examples

Peter Christopherson made the leap to life on the bandstand and became a pioneer in the industrial music genre.
The Golden Age of Rock Album Covers Ted Gioia December 4, 2014

The tenor saxophonist was one of the most imaginatively restless artists to ever work a bandstand.
The Stacks: John Coltrane’s Mighty Musical Quest Nat Hentoff October 17, 2014

But the same artist who played with such fire on the bandstand was burning out of control in his private life.
The Jazz Pianist That John F. Kennedy Saved Ted Gioia August 15, 2013

When Cosby looked up, he saw that Sonny Stitt, the famed alto sax player, had joined the bandstand.
Why Comedians Still Think Bill Cosby Is a Genius Mark Whitaker October 4, 2014

Batiste and his band ended the evening by marching off the bandstand and playing amid the crowd.
Jon Batiste, a Thrilling Jazz Pianist Whose First Goal Is to Entertain Howard Wolfson February 15, 2014

Historical Examples

It has a bandstand—what town in Flanders and Artois has not?
Leaves from a Field Note-Book J. H. Morgan

“I consulted a bandstand,” said Father Brown, scratching his head.
The Wisdom of Father Brown G. K. Chesterton

At the bandstand in the center of the park concerts are presented, usually each week, during the summer months.
North Dakota Various

She began to be bewitched by the continuous circling round the bandstand.
Rich Relatives Compton Mackenzie

The Casino having been burned down in 1918, the concerts took place under the bandstand in the park.
The Mountebank William J. Locke

a platform for a band, usually out of doors and roofed

also band-stand, 1859, from band (n.2) + stand (n).


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