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Bandy legs

plural noun
another term for bow legs
Historical Examples

What could possess that fellow; with his unmeaning face, fat paunch, and bandy legs, to have his picture taken?
Harper’s New Monthly Magazine, No. XXIV, May 1852, Vol. IV Various

It had bandy legs and granulated eyelids, and seemed to be dumb.
The Best Short Stories of 1917 Various

The curse had reached him—in addition to the long, sad nose and the bandy legs.
From One Generation to Another Henry Seton Merriman

It was a dachschund, long of body, and with crooked, bandy legs.
Air Service Boys Over The Enemy’s Lines Charles Amory Beach

Sambo of the bandy legs slammed the carriage door on his young weeping mistress.
Eighth Reader James Baldwin

It has bandy legs and arms no thicker than Thy smallest finger.
Christmas Outside of Eden Coningsby Dawson

Driving his two seamen before him, Blackbeard rushed for his boat as fast as the bandy legs and clumsy sea-boots could carry him.
Blackbeard: Buccaneer Ralph D. Paine

The man with the bandy legs was taking a while to consider, so I said to him: ‘She is a guid pistol and new primed!’
Tales of Our Coast S. R. Crockett

“Their bandy legs enabled them to throw the dirt out behind them—as they ran,” suggested Tommy.
The Killer Stewart Edward White

Ye shall never say that Robin of Airyolan roguit ony man,—even a feckless toon’s birkie wi’ bandy legs!’
Tales of Our Coast S. R. Crockett


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