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Bang out

bang out

verb phrase

To make or compose something, esp to write something, in a hurry; cobble up (1940s+)
Historical Examples

George twisted his legs into a yet firmer knot: “But two failures would wipe it bang out.”
Once Aboard The Lugger Arthur Stuart-Menteth Hutchinson

It was the junior officers’ mess, and when the coffee came, a young ensign went to the piano and began to bang out a popular tune.
Wounds in the rain Stephen Crane

You know I really got a bang out of the way Roger jumped back from that waddling ground bird yesterday.
The Revolt on Venus Carey Rockwell

Often I have passed a man to get a supposedly poor batter up and then had him bang out a base hit.
Pitching in a Pinch Christy Mathewson

Produce something loudly or hastily by striking, either a musical instrument or a typing keyboard. For example, The accompanist banged out the melody on the piano, or John planned to bang out his presentation in a couple of hours. [ Late 1800s ]


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