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a rigid, ring-shaped bracelet usually made without a clasp so as to slip over the hand, but sometimes having a hinged opening and a clasp.
Historical Examples

The coral set belongs to Elsie, and is presented by her godmother, and this bangled set is mine.
Miss Dexie Stanford Eveleth

The silken frou-frou of their skirts and the tinkling of their bangled bracelets broke the stillness.
Their Son; The Necklace Eduardo Zamacois

A woman, veiled and bangled, climbed aboard just then, and I understood.
The Ship Dwellers Albert Bigelow Paine

a bracelet, usually without a clasp, often worn high up round the arm or sometimes round the ankle
a disc or charm hanging from a bracelet, necklace, etc

“ring-shaped bracelet,” 1787, from Hindi bangri “colored glass bracelet or anklet.”


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