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To defeat utterly; clobber •Popularized in Great Britain by the Irish broadcaster Terry Wogan in the 1970s: She upped and banjaxed the old man

[1939+; origin unknown]


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  • Banjo clock

    a clock of the early 19th century in the U.S., having a drumlike case for the dial mounted on a narrow, tapering body, with a boxlike bottom containing the pendulum and its weight.

  • Banjo hit

    noun in baseball, a weakly hit fly ball which just goes over the infielders; also called blooper Word Origin 1800+ Usage Note banjo hitter , (n.)

  • Banjo hitter

    noun in baseball, a batter who lacks power, usually hits bloop singles, and has a low batting average Examples A banjo hitter usually hits bloop singles, often just past the infield dirt, and would have a low slugging percentage. See banjo hit noun phrase A player who gets hits weakly just past the infield and […]

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    a musical instrument of the guitar family, having a circular body covered in front with tightly stretched parchment and played with the fingers or a plectrum. Historical Examples The banjoist is now being interviewed, and believes that the air he must have been performing at the time was “The Lost Chord.” Punch, Or The London […]

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