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Bank check

cashier’s check.
a check that the holder of a checking account draws on a bank for payment.
Historical Examples

A bill of exchange or bank check is not accepted without reference to the character or credit of the person who offers it.
The Arena Various

How to Send Money—By post-office or express money-order, registered letter, bank check or draft, at our risk.
Motor Matt’s Air Ship Stanley R. Matthews

Mr. Casin, however, did not ask questions, but made out the bank check and passed it to Ephraim.
Frank Merriwell’s Son Burt L. Standish

I have long thought that a train order should be as individual as a bank check and be signed by the dispatcher’s own initials.
Letters from an Old Railway Official Charles DeLano Hine

Casper Silence took pains to examine the bank check, over which he nodded and smiled, returning it to Priley.
Frank Merriwell’s Son Burt L. Standish

Alice Bradley stopped before them, an open letter in one hand, a bank check in the other.
Lola Owen Davis

Finally, gold and silver are replaced by the letter of credit, the bank check, and the numerous forms of fiduciary money.
Essay on the Creative Imagination Th. Ribot


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