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Bank manager

a person who directs the business of a local branch of a bank
Contemporary Examples

Asking about sales, believe me, is like asking your bank manager about your bank balance.
Can Pulp Win the Booker? Allen Barra September 6, 2011

Historical Examples

He went to a well-known jewelry establishment recommended by the bank manager, and asked to be shown some engagement rings.
The Terms of Surrender Louis Tracy

The bank manager, who was another of Kate’s adorers, promised to observe her wishes.
Tom Gerrard Louis Becke

This bank manager was possessed of great energy and perseverance, and a business capacity seldom met with.
Reminiscences of Queensland William Henry Corfield

The office is not like that of resident magistrate or bank manager.
The Search Party G. A. Birmingham

Then came the bank manager, then the doctors, then the tradespeople, and after that the hosts of colliers.
Sons and Lovers David Herbert Lawrence

One witness, however, must not be forgotten—Mr. Woodhams, bank manager.
Annie Besant Annie Besant

He was a close friend of mine when we were young men in London; he a bank manager; I, just beginning my work.
The Paradise Mystery J. S. Fletcher

A woman with any spirit would marry a bank manager, if she loved him.
The Cardinal’s Snuff-Box Henry Harland

Two men in soft hats and light overcoats came up; it was old Uthoug, and the bank manager.
The Great Hunger Johan Bojer


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