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bank acceptance.
a draft or bill of exchange that a bank has accepted.
Abbreviation: BA.
Also called banker’s acceptance.
Compare acceptance (def 6).
a bill of exchange or draft drawn on and endorsed by a bank Also called banker’s acceptance


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  • Banker

    a person employed by a bank, especially as an executive or other official. Games. the keeper or holder of the bank. a vessel employed in cod fishery on the banks off Newfoundland. a fisherman on such a vessel. Australian. a river near flood level, the water being almost bank high. a bench or table used […]

  • Banker’s bill

    bank draft. a draft drawn by one bank on another. noun a cheque drawn by a bank on itself, which is bought by a person to pay a supplier unwilling to accept a normal cheque Also called banker’s cheque

  • Banker’s check

    cashier’s check.

  • Banker’s order

    noun another name for standing order (sense 1)

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