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Banking account

bank account.
an account with a bank.
balance standing to the credit of a depositor at a bank.
Historical Examples

Later in the year he became thoroughly interested in economising and eventually opened a banking account of his own.
Center Rush Rowland Ralph Henry Barbour

You see, this cheque is crossed, and will go into your banking account.
A Woman Intervenes Robert Barr

A similar fashion might be revived at the present epoch, with advantage to the banking account of vile man.
Cakes & Ale Edward Spencer

A man is or is not great socially in proportion to his banking account.
The American Egypt Channing Arnold

We shall have youngsters in their teens wanting to open a banking account next!
Johnny Ludlow, Second Series Mrs. Henry Wood

So little Marie had fifty pounds odd for her own banking account!
Married Life May Edginton

I have seen that declension in others, and know how it sinks ultimately to the mere comfortable security of a banking account.
The Debit Account Oliver Onions

In possession of money, as his banking account was closed the morning after his disappearance.
The Tower of Oblivion Oliver Onions

That was her idea of a banking account, and she held it to be the best there was.
Lippincott’s Magazine of Popular Literature and Science Various

His banking account was growing handsomely, and, above all things, he dreaded to kill the goose that laid the golden eggs.
The Yellow Claw Sax Rohmer

an account created by the deposit of money at a bank by a customer
the amount of moneys credited or debited to a depositor at a bank


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