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the slope of the bank of a stream or river.
Historical Examples

On the bankside in Southwark are the theatres and Paris gardens where are the bear pits.
In Doublet and Hose Lucy Foster Madison

Goldsmith once set up as a medical practitioner at bankside.
Bell’s Cathedrals: Southwark Cathedral George Worley

The building was situated in the suburb to the north of the city, far away from the bankside and the Globe.
Shakespearean Playhouses Joseph Quincy Adams

We find him living on the bankside and in the Liberty of the Clink at least as early as 1577.
Shakespearean Playhouses Joseph Quincy Adams

This far bank is the stage of the bankside Theater, and the concave bank facing it is used to seat the audience.
North Dakota Various

He believed that he could improve on the bankside as a site for his theatre.
Shakespearean Playhouses Joseph Quincy Adams

Not all the attractions of the bankside, however, were so innocent.
Shakespearean Playhouses Joseph Quincy Adams

This worthy lived in bankside, but I believe there is no record of his death.
South London Sir Walter Besant

The Falcon tavern was at the western end of the bankside, separated from the river by a little garden with an arbor of vines.
A Gentleman Player Robert Neilson Stephens

The strepitus, however, of the High Street is not like that of bankside.
South London Sir Walter Besant


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