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a person who carries a flag or banner; standard-bearer.
Historical Examples

The picture of Comrade bannerman shaking his fist at the trainload of “plutes” lingered with me.
The Iron Puddler James J. Davis

Well, no doubt bannerman’s informed you that she’s not here.
Sonia Married Stephen McKenna

I was called in, and suddenly found that I had bannerman in my power.
Hilda Wade Grant Allen

bannerman explored every inch of the wreckage and returned to the garage empty-handed.
Sonia Married Stephen McKenna

The figures that I furnished Comrade bannerman surprised him.
The Iron Puddler James J. Davis

If bannerman could get in some time later, they could have got out some time earlier.
Sonia Married Stephen McKenna

Towards us Mr. bannerman showed himself most hospitable, yet in a perfectly unostentatious manner.
Journal of an African Cruiser Horatio Bridge

His name was bannerman, and he came aboard here at Brisbane.
Through the South Seas with Jack London Martin Johnson

So one captain asked three of us and bannerman to go over to his schooner.
Through the South Seas with Jack London Martin Johnson

“Well, I can stand it, if you fellows can,” answered bannerman bravely.
Through the South Seas with Jack London Martin Johnson


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