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notice of an intended marriage, given three times in the parish church of each of the betrothed.
any public announcement of a proposed marriage, either verbal or written and made in a church or by church officials.
Contemporary Examples

A source close to Zuckerberg has said the timing of the banns was purely coincidental, since the IPO date was a “moving target.”
Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan’s Wedding Calculus Rebecca Dana May 20, 2012

Historical Examples

Selma, my whilom Finnish friend, was having her banns published.
The Confession of a Fool August Strindberg

“Sophie Bunch came last night to put up her banns,” he said.
The Hero William Somerset Maugham

By grace of a reluctantly granted dispensation there was but one publication of the banns.
What Is Man? And Other Stories Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens)

“Th’ baans (banns) ‘ll be cried in the church next Sunday,” said Betsey.
The Birthright Joseph Hocking

“But the banns have not been published,” said the bride’s father.
Stories of Robin Hood Bertha E. Bush

It is strange to think that Peter did not alight in the church and forbid the banns.
Peter and Wendy James Matthew Barrie

In those days there was no marrying in the church, no priest, no banns.
The International Monthly, Volume 4, No. 2, September, 1851 Various

You are my promised wife; our banns have been read twice in church already.
How It All Came Round L. T. Meade

I’ll put the banns up to-morrow—no; I’ll get a special license.
Nell, of Shorne Mills Charles Garvice

plural noun
the public declaration of an intended marriage, usually formally announced on three successive Sundays in the parish churches of both the betrothed
forbid the banns, to raise an objection to a marriage announced in this way

see bann.


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