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(in Shakespeare’s Macbeth) a murdered thane whose ghost appears to Macbeth.
Contemporary Examples

Taking up an apple, he becomes Banquo; taking up a doll he is Malcolm, son of slain King Duncan.
Madbeth: Alan Cumming Plays Almost Every Role in “Macbeth” 
 Liesl Schillinger April 22, 2013

Historical Examples

He stared at it pallidly, like Macbeth at the ghost of Banquo.
The Girl on the Boat Pelham Grenville Wodehouse

And “Banquo” was the word that the Administrator telegraphed.
Bones Edgar Wallace

To Banquo a somewhat similar intimation is given, but no foul thought of crime suggests itself for an instant to his loyal nature.
A Book of Remarkable Criminals H. B. Irving

The black-haired pianist shook his locks at her like Banquo.
Jill the Reckless P. G. (Pelham Grenville) Wodehouse

The horrible tattooed face rose into view like Banquo’s ghost.
There She Blows! William Hussey Macy

Why does the ghost of Banquo appear to Macbeth, and not the ghost of Duncan?
Home Life in Germany Mrs. Alfred Sidgwick

Banquo, who is said by the King to have ‘no less deserved,’ receives as yet mere thanks.
Shakespearean Tragedy A. C. Bradley

Banquo at the feast indeed could not have been more dejected.
Rich Man, Poor Man Maximilian Foster

The toast was drunk as the ghost of Banquo entered for the second time.
Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare E. Nesbit


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