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any large tree belonging to the genus Adansonia, of the bombax family, especially A. digitata, which is native to tropical Africa, has an exceedingly thick trunk, and bears a gourdlike fruit.
Historical Examples

The scenery was varied by thickets of mimosas, with here and there a baobab or a tamarisk.
Some Heroes of Travel W. H. Davenport Adams

“Mowana” is the South African synonym for the “baobab” (Adansonia digitata).
The Vee-Boers Mayne Reid

Neither Winthrope nor Blake was in sight when she reached the baobab, and neither appeared, though she delayed supper until dark.
Into the Primitive Robert Ames Bennet

They followed close after Blake, around the monstrous bole of the baobab.
Into the Primitive Robert Ames Bennet

When all had drunk their fill of the clear cool water, Blake took up his club and walked straight across to the baobab.
Into the Primitive Robert Ames Bennet

Oh, but you surely will not stay so far from the baobab to-night!
Into the Primitive Robert Ames Bennet

Groping and stumbling, the two felt their way to the baobab, and Miss Leslie pushed Winthrope headlong through the entrance.
Into the Primitive Robert Ames Bennet

At the baobab she turned and gazed back along the cliff edge.
Into the Primitive Robert Ames Bennet

In the little house of the baobab, the attic was full of these glorious trophies.
Tartarin de Tarascon Alphonse Daudet

But Blake was under the baobab, raking together a heap of rubbish.
Into the Primitive Robert Ames Bennet

a bombacaceous tree, Adansonia digitata, native to Africa, that has a very thick trunk, large white flowers, and a gourdlike fruit with an edible pulp called monkey bread Also called bottle tree, monkey bread tree

1630s, from Medieval Latin bahobab (1590s), apparently from a central African language.


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