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Baptismal regeneration

the doctrine that regeneration and sanctification are received in and through baptism.


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  • Baptist

    a member of a Christian denomination that baptizes believers by immersion and that is usually Calvinistic in doctrine. (lowercase) a person who baptizes. the Baptist, John the Baptist. Also, Baptistic. of or relating to Baptists or their doctrines or practices. Contemporary Examples That’s when Pinto Molina, an ordained Baptist reverend, and Saboia, a Roman Catholic, […]

  • Baptista

    a female given name. Historical Examples Bian’ca, the younger daughter of Baptista of Pad’ua, as gentle and meek as her sister Katherine was violent and irritable. Character Sketches of Romance, Fiction and the Drama, Vol 1 The Rev. E. Cobham Brewer, LL.D. The head Magister, Baptista, had the usual salary of the guild as head […]

  • Baptistery

    a building or a part of a church in which baptism is administered. (especially in Baptist churches) a tank for administering baptism by immersion. Historical Examples Two grand porphyry columns, supporting an entablature, formed the portico of the baptistery, opposite side to where we entered. Rambles in Rome S. Russell Forbes Probably it was a […]

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    baptistery. Historical Examples A perfect echo, like that in the baptistry at Pisa, is heard slightly away from beneath its centre. Buxton and its Medicinal Waters Robert Ottiwell Gifford-Bennet St. Lucy’s Chapel is Norman, and is now used as a baptistry. The Cathedrals of Great Britain P. H. Ditchfield Then he turned his attention once […]

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