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Bar harbor

a town on Mount Desert Island, in S Maine: summer resort.
Historical Examples

There was just one other chance, one bare possibility; Beatrice might not have left Bar Harbor, at any rate not on that train.
The Whirligig of Time Wayland Wells Williams

I’m going down to Bar Harbor, and play tennis on my vacation.
Frank Merriwell’s Races Burt L. Standish

And the couple passed the summer at Bar Harbor with the rest, Greatly changed in their appearance and most elegently dressed.
The Book of Humorous Verse Various

We’ll have to run in to Bar Harbor and see you on our cruise.
Frank Merriwell’s Cruise Burt L. Standish

Bar Harbor excepted, there was no where else to go and swim—in the swim.
Edgar Saltus: The Man Marie Saltus

Two days at Bar Harbor made Frank and his friends long to get away.
Frank Merriwell’s Cruise Burt L. Standish

I remember that once some great utterance seemed necessary, and Mr. Pulitzer telegraphed it from Bar Harbor.
Recollections of a Varied Life George Cary Eggleston

Margaret had a fancy for a cottage at Bar Harbor, but they rarely went there.
A Little Journey in the World Charles Dudley Warner

Are you going to fix things and join me at Bar Harbor or are you not?
Iole Robert W. Chambers

No, the principal occupation at Bar Harbor was not fishing in the house.
Their Pilgrimage Charles Dudley Warner


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