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a military commander who, with Deborah, destroyed the Canaanite army under Sisera. Judges 4.
Ehud, born 1942, Israeli military leader and politician: prime minister 1999–2001.
Contemporary Examples

Later that day, Barak ordered the evacuation of the settlers.
Settling on Passover Elisheva Goldberg April 4, 2012

In Yedioth Ahronoth, an unequivocal headline informs us “Netanyahu and Barak determined to strike Iran in the fall.”
Will Netanyahu and Barak Risk a Coup? Dimi Reider August 9, 2012

On the verge of defeat, Barak told me that something like the Camp David/Taba deal was the only viable way to end the conflict.
The Election Obama Will Lose Robert Shrum January 16, 2013

In the fall of 2011, Barak told CNN’s Fareed Zakaria about Tehran entering zone of immunity by summer of 2012.
Bibi’s Three Steps Forward, One Back Trita Parsi October 10, 2012

Days later, Barak lost as big as he had won less than two years before.
The Election Obama Will Lose Robert Shrum January 16, 2013

Historical Examples

But since the days of Deborah and of Barak, Tabor is generally supposed to have witnessed another scene.
Notable Women of Olden Time Anonymous

And thou, companion and instrument of victory, Barak, arise!
Female Scripture Biographies, Vol. I Francis Augustus Cox

I lapped,—an excellent test of pluck in the days of Gideon son of Barak;—and why?
Mount Rainier Various

He rose as he spoke, and Barak understood his smile and question, and waited.
The Diva’s Ruby F. Marion Crawford

There is a close parallel between the enterprise of Deborah and Barak and that which opens before the church of the present time.
Judges and Ruth Robert A. Watson

Ehud (ɛˈhʊd). born 1942, Israeli politician, prime minister (1999–2001); left the Labour Party (2011) to form the breakaway party Independence

lightning, the son of Abinoam (Judg. 4:6). At the summons of Deborah he made war against Jabin. She accompanied him into the battle, and gave the signal for the little army to make the attack; in which the host of Jabin was completely routed. The battle was fought (Judg. 4:16) in the plain of Jezreel (q.v.). This deliverance of Israel is commemorated in Judg. 5. Barak’s faith is commended (Heb. 11:32). “The character of Barak, though pious, does not seem to have been heroic. Like Gideon, and in a sense Samson, he is an illustration of the words in Heb. 11:34, ‘Out of weakness were made strong.'” (See DEBORAH.)


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