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an island in the E West Indies constituting an independent state in the Commonwealth of Nations: formerly a British colony. 166 sq. mi. (430 sq. km).
Capital: Bridgetown.
Contemporary Examples

Two-thirds of Sugar in the Blood consists of an impressively researched history of Barbados up until the last century.
The Original Slave Colony: Barbados and Andrea Stuart’s ‘Sugar in the Blood’ Eric Herschthal January 23, 2013

I should say that I surf in Barbados, just to see what happens in Season 5.
‘The Walking Dead’ Star Andrew Lincoln on the Terminus Cannibals Theory & Season Finale Melissa Leon March 30, 2014

Your Congress is selling itself for $4 billion this year, which is roughly equivalent to the GDP of Barbados.
Time is Money: How to Fix Outrageous Political Spending Jim Arkedis November 2, 2014

Their wages were paid in alcohol (rum from Barbados) and goods such as kettles and blankets.
The House that Slavery Built Jane Ciabattari July 15, 2013

During a charity match in Barbados, Harry was thrown and then threw his polo mallet in anger.
Power Tripping: King Juan Carlos I & More (Photos) The Daily Beast August 4, 2012

Historical Examples

Barbados is an English possession, you must remember, and a regular line of steamers sail from there to England.
Dave Porter on Cave Island Edward Stratemeyer

For, whatever it may have been to others, to us your raid upon Barbados was most opportune.
Captain Blood Rafael Sabatini

Hundreds of prisoners of inferior rank were sent to serve as bondmen in the plantations of Barbados.
A History of England Charles Oman

Since you are so generous to my uncle, I shall be returning to Barbados with him.
Captain Blood Rafael Sabatini

The general aspect of Barbados is at first sight very beautiful.
Recollections of Thirty-nine Years in the Army Charles Alexander Gordon

an island in the Caribbean, in the E Lesser Antilles: a British colony from 1628 to 1966, now an independent state within the Commonwealth. Language: English. Currency: Barbados dollar. Capital: Bridgetown. Pop: 288 725 (2013 est). Area: 430 sq km (166 sq miles)

probably from Portuguese las barbados “the bearded;” the island so called because vines or moss hung densely from the trees. An inhabitant was called a Barbadian (1732).
Barbados [(bahr-bay-dohs, bahr-bay-dohz)]

Island republic in the easternmost West Indies in the Atlantic Ocean about three hundred miles north of Venezuela.

Note: Barbados is a member of the British Commonwealth and a popular resort area.


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