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pieces of beef, fowl, fish, or the like, roasted over an open hearth, especially when basted in a barbecue sauce.
a framework, as a grill or a spit, or a fireplace for cooking meat or vegetables over an open fire.
a dressed steer, lamb, or other animal, roasted whole.
a meal, usually in the open air and often as a political or social gathering, at which meats are roasted over an open hearth or pit.
to broil or roast whole or in large pieces over an open fire, on a spit or grill, often seasoning with vinegar, spices, salt, and pepper.
to cook (sliced or diced meat or fish) in a highly seasoned sauce.
to cook by barbecuing or to entertain at a barbecue:
If the weather’s nice, we’ll barbecue in the backyard.
Contemporary Examples

Finally, it is summer and one other wine to enjoy outside around the barbeque would be the Tobin James Sauvignon Blanc.
William Shatner Picks His Favorite Wines William Shatner July 3, 2014

University of Georgia: Football, barbeque, and fraternity parties are the usual draws to Athens, Georgia.
Five More Colleges Worth the Price Kathleen Kingsbury March 26, 2009

I love to barbeque and his recipes are simple and easy to make.
Fresh Picks Lee Brian Schrager February 15, 2010

On the Fourth of July, a barbeque was held with Coca-Cola and grilled sausages and partygoers sang the American national anthem.
The Kremlin’s Extremist Youth Camp Anna Nemtsova August 9, 2011

Summertime Tips Tricks The average person swallows close to 2,000 calories at a summer barbeque.
The ‘Hungry Girl’ Summer Diet Lisa Lillien June 11, 2009

She wrote that to a group of her closest aides, presumably in preparation for a barbeque in the summer of 2008.
The Quirks in the Sarah Palin Emails Shushannah Walshe, Michael Falcone June 11, 2011

University of Georgia Football, barbeque, and fraternity parties are the usual draws to Athens, Georgia.
20 Colleges Worth the Price Kathleen Kingsbury March 22, 2009

Historical Examples

Next weekend my mom and dad are going to Saturn for a barbeque.
FreeChildrenStories.com Collection Daniel Errico

And, separated by a hedge, a brown tent with a barbeque pit before it, smoke rising in a rigid ribbon from the chimney.
Elegy Charles Beaumont

The pretty waitress lighted a gas-heater with a barbeque lighter, took our orders and went inside.
Little Brother Cory Doctorow

a meal cooked out of doors over an open fire
an outdoor party or picnic at which barbecued food is served
a grill or fireplace used in barbecuing
the food so cooked
verb (transitive) -cues, -cuing, -cued
to cook (meat, fish, etc) on a grill, usually over charcoal and often with a highly seasoned sauce
to cook (meat, fish, etc) in a highly seasoned sauce

1650s, “framework for grilling meat, fish, etc.,” from American Spanish barbacoa, from Arawakan (Haiti) barbakoa “framework of sticks,” the raised wooden structure the Indians used to either sleep on or cure meat. Sense of “outdoor meal of roasted meat or fish as a social entertainment” is from 1733; modern popular noun sense of “grill for cooking over an open fire” is from 1931.

1660s, from barbecue (n.). Related: Barbecued; barbecuing.


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