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a city in NE Ohio.
Historical Examples

The top of the pass once reached, French determined to make a sudden descent on Barberton.
Sir John French Cecil Chisholm

General French surprised the enemy and occupied Barberton on the 13th.
South Africa and the Transvaal War, Vol. 6 (of 6) Louis Creswicke

Barberton and the Boers saw the oncoming of the British force with blank amazement.
Sir John French Cecil Chisholm

And you’re still valeting for Barberton, are you, Mr. Stevens?
The Definite Object Jeffery Farnol

The dwellers in Barberton have wholly different problems and grievances from the dwellers in Bloemhof or Standerton.
The African Colony John Buchan

The Boers were prepared for his attacking Barberton from every direction save one.
Sir John French Cecil Chisholm

Some commandos withdrew eastwards along the line, others broke off towards Lydenburg and Barberton.
A Handbook of the Boer War Gale and Polden, Limited

On the 8th a Boer gang near Barberton made a violent and indeed valiant lunge at the troops guarding the place.
South Africa and the Transvaal War, Vol. 6 (of 6) Louis Creswicke

Barberton was about thirty miles from the camp, and to reach it they had to cross Hicks Bridge.
The Radio Boys Trailing a Voice Allen Chapman

The development of the Barberton Goldfields was a revelation to the peasant mind of what the power of gold is.
The Transvaal from Within J. P. Fitzpatrick


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