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one of the NE Leeward Islands, in the E West Indies: part of Antigua and Barbuda. 62 sq. mi. (161 sq. km).
Contemporary Examples

They are currently in Antigua Barbuda, the last country the couple will visit before returning to the United Kingdom.
Edward Who? Tom Sykes March 6, 2012

Historical Examples

Having ascertained that the midshipmen intended visiting Barbuda, they first steered for that island.
The Three Lieutenants W.H.G. Kingston

Antigua is governed as a crown colony, the Islands of Barbuda and Redonda being attached to it.
The New Gresham Encyclopedia. Vol. 1 Part 2 Various

At Barbuda, the earthquake was also severely feltall the stone buildings, with the exception of a small school-room, fell.
Antigua and the Antiguans, Volume II (of 2) Anonymous

The rents have had to be reduced; and John wants all the Barbuda income to spend on the estate there.
Heartsease Charlotte M. Yonge

Not one-thousandth part as bad as the detestable mosquitoes on the shores of the Barbuda lagoon, they agreed.
The Three Lieutenants W.H.G. Kingston

a coral island in the E Caribbean, in the Leeward Islands: part of the independent state of Antigua and Barbuda. Area: 160 sq km (62 sq miles)


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